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A Plan for Action

You may know how other nonprofits have raised money, and you certainly know how your organization has approached fundraising in the past, but sometimes you need a fresh viewpoint– direct, personal, solid advice about your unique challenges. You need perspective. In short, you need a consultant.

We have the knowledge and resources to help nonprofit organizations like yours succeed! We subscribe to this old truism: The best way to start is to begin! So…

• Begin by contacting any member of our Alliance to tell us about your specific needs and challenges.

• If it seems feasible to proceed, we'll set up a meeting with you or a small group of your staff and board to begin a discussion about how ready you are to begin raising funds– and how we can help. You will meet initially with a member of the Fund Builders Alliance – a consultant who has the skills and experience to assess your unique needs. 

• Next, we will submit a written proposal detailing how we will provide services to meet your needs and what we consider to be a fair and reasonable compensation. Fees are structured on an hourly, daily, specific project or retainer basis.

• You will review and approve the proposal, then we'll begin work, consulting with you every step along the way.

• The primary consultant assigned to your project will call on assistance from other members of the Fund Builders Alliance as needed to provide the best possible services for your project.

• There is no cost until you approve the proposal!